Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Bull Market? Just Maybe!

We broke a long term trendline today, I had a feeling a sharp pop was coming but honestly I had no idea and am very impressed in the strength of this market. Although I do feel this is too soon to call the bear market over, I will say if we can hold the 965 level the bear market is OVER.

All three time frames are CONFIRMED in an uptrend now, even after 8 days of closing positive we are still having an uptrend day today. Now that is strength people, whether manipulated or not, we have to respect the internals.

A selling reaction would only be normal at these levels, but that should only be a springboard for higher prices. One reason I do not pay much attention at all to news anymore, the writing was on the way at 685 to go long but I was too scared and missed a huge amount of this rally looking for short positions.